Prenatal Massage

The area’s best pregnancy massage is right here.  If you are pregnant and in need of serious pampering, pain relief, and stress relief, our sessions are designed to have you feeling like a brand new person!

“I sent my wife to Donna for a pregnancy massage and I also met with Donna a few days before the session as this is a birthday gift.  I wanted my wife to be in a very nice environment and get a lot of pampering so she could relax.  She has 2 more months of pregnancy and is still working so she is really stressed and tired. I have to say – Ms. Donna delivered way beyond what I imagined.  Her place is just so calming and inviting.  My wife said that she fell asleep because she felt so comforted by the warm massage table and the warm stones Ms. Donna used on her back and feet.  The pain she kept trying to get me to massage for weeks is now gone!  My wife was super chill when she left the office.  Thanks so much.  I will definitely send her back!”  Martin S. , April 2023 – 90 minute prenatal massage (in-house testimonials sheet)

What We Offer

We offer super healing and pampering sessions that include:

  • A super soft, warm massage table with plush linens
  • Skilled hot stone therapy that makes your session SOOTHING and COMFORTING
  • Real deep tissue designed to alleviate areas of pain or discomfort
  • The best foot massage in the area
  • A therapist with over 14 years experience who is certified in prenatal massage

“Received my prenatal passage!! Samira was amazing, I almost cried when the session ended because I didn’t want it to end. 29 weeks and this massage was long overdue!! I’m grateful to have came up on Donna’s business and will surely be returning!!”  Koya B., April 2024 – Google Maps 5 Stars

The Power of Hot Stone Therapy

We utilize warmed stones to enhance your session because it is the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief.  Our use of the warmed stones is, quite frankly, a game-changer with our clients.  The warmed stones are also used to do some of the deep tissue work which really helps the muscles to relax, allowing for more effective deep tissue work.

“Went for a prenatal massage as a gift from Christmas! Donna did my massage. It was absolutely wonderful.. made me comfortable the whole time.. and did an amazing job!” Lauryn P. – Feb. 2024 – Google Maps 5 Stars

Covid-19 Safe Haven

Our office is literally one of the safest massage therapy offices in the area.  We have two, powerful air purifiers in our space (costing over $1,200) that run from the time we enter the space until the time we close each day.  We also continue to sanitize all common surfaces and masks are worn by staff.  We have not had even one Covid-19 case come out of our office the entire pandemic.  

How to Book Your Session

To set an appointment, simply call or text me (Donna) at 216-339-3401.  We offer afternoon and evening weekday appointments and some weekend times.








Mom’s Serenity Prenatal Massage – Today’s Moms are expected to manage the family, work outside the home, raise the kids, be a support to her partner, and excel at her career and sometimes this means they have very little time for themselves. Add pregnancy to this mix and you have some real stress. This session is designed by a mom and was created to provide some serious pampering AND pain relief. The session is super relaxing, done at a slower pace, and helps to relieve areas of tension, pain, or discomfort. Healing, warmed stones are used for the neck/shoulders, feet, and back to help our ladies to feel their very best during this special time. 

Baby Moon Pregnancy Massage – (Can be booked within a week of your due date).  No time to get away for a formal baby moon before your little one arrives? Treat yourself to an extended luxurious relaxation massage session featuring a warm stone foot massage, aromatherapy designed to evoke a state of deep relaxation, and more extensive warmed basalt stones to take relaxation and pain relief to a whole new level.