Cleveland Massage Therapy

If you are in need of the best massage therapy in the area, you have come to the right place.  With us you get:

  • a real massage with great pressure
  • soothing hot stone therapy mixed into the Swedish massage
  • a therapist with over 14 years experience
  • powerful aromatherapy in your massage cream
  • one of the most calming and beautiful massage offices in the area
  • the best foot massage you will ever experience
  • the best client reviews
  • hours in the afternoon and evening on weekdays and times on the weekends
  • a super warm and comfy massage table
  • a fully-licensed massage therapist
  • superb pampering

If you are suffering with areas of pain or discomfort or you need help with stress, just know that our clients emerge feeling like a brand new person!

Call or text Donna now at (216) 339-3401.







About Donna – The Owner

Donna has been doing massage therapy for over 14 years.  She has a varied background working in high-end spas, chiropractic clinics, and heading up the massage services at Canterbury Golf Club in Beachwood (a country club).  She also used to offer hotel massage at some of the area’s most prestigious hotels.  All services are now offered in her office in Beachwood where she has created a little oasis in the middle of the business district where she has created a relaxing and healing environment for her clients to relax and unwind.

In her sessions she combines Swedish Massage with many elements of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, deep tissue, and hot stone therapy.  She is a master of hot stone therapy and teaches other therapists the technique of working with the stones to enhance a massage session.  She is fully licensed though the Medical Board of Ohio.  She is also certified in prenatal massage and sports massage.  Her goal is always to make sure clients feel totally different and better upon getting OFF the massage table.  She does real bodywork.  For her, massage is a gift and is not just something that she DOES.  Countless clients have told her that she literally does have heavenly hands…

To reach Donna, call or text 216-339-3401.  We see texts first.  






Why Do We Get Such Great Reviews?

We have been in business over 14 years  and we are one of the best in the area for spa massage because we:

  • Listen to clients and target areas where they have pain or discomfort
  • Add  hot stone therapy, deep tissue, and Swedish massage to all sessions
  • Set up our office to provide the ultimate in pampering 
  • Do levels of deep tissue/deep pressure – adjusting it to each client’s tolerance
  • Work with the hot stones rather than just sitting them on clients
  • Provide a beautifully-decorated massage office that helps clients to immediately relax
  • Provide deep tissue and hot stone therapy even for prenatal clients
  • Pamper clients with a super warm massage table, fluffy bolsters and neck rolls
  • Offer appointments in the afternoon and evening on weekdays as well as some weekend appointments
  • Utilize hot stone deep tissue on the feet and other parts of the body which is super effective
  • Have sessions  that have clients literally feeling like a brand new person 

**To see our reviews, go to GOOGLE MAPS and type in Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy, Beachwood, Ohio


  • Swedish massage (relaxation massage)
  • Deep tissue massage (and hot stone deep tissue)
  • Sports massage 
  • Prenatal massage (Donna is certified in prenatal)
  • Powerful foot massage
  • Couple massage (prenatal couple massage too)
  • Hot stone therapy (the best in the area)
  • A session just for Traveling Clients – TRAVELERS DELIGHT  (CLICK HERE)

For once in your life, you owe it to yourself to experience a massage therapy session with a therapist who doesn’t just DO massage – but who is GIFTED in massage.

Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy has been serving the Cleveland, Ohio area since 2011 and we help clients to get out of pain, get stress under control, improve their overall health, well-being, and quality of life with a skillful, caring approach to massage and bodywork.

To set an appointment, please call or text Donna at 216-339-3401.  We offer day, evening and weekend appointments.  We see TEXTS first.

Announcements/Specials/Quick Links

TESTIMONIALS click here.  You can also see our reviews by going to Google Maps and typing in Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Beachwood Ohio


“I am honored to do this review because we have been coming to Heavenly Healing for a few years now.  Back when we started, Donna had another therapist who she worked with but now we come in and she works on both of us, one person after the other.  I would rather spend a little extra time and come here because we leave feeling so relaxed and pain free.  We just have not experienced that at other places, no matter how fancy they were.  Donna makes us feel comfortable, at home, and very welcome.  We have fun and enjoy our time in her lovely space and when we leave, we end up enjoying the rest of our day together even more!  Thanks again Donna for your wonderful service!  We are clients for life.”  Audra and Rick S.; May 2022 – Couples massage

“I am a nurse and I work in a facility where I am helping to lift patients, bending, and using my body in ways I probably shouldn’t be but that’s the job right?  I come in to see Donna once per month because when I first came in I was one step away from a lower back injury.  Donna caught it just in time and turned it around and I now work with little to no lower back pain.  My stress level is also under control because her session is just so ridiculously relaxing.  Give her a try.  You won’t be disappointed.”  Jeannie B.; April 2022  – 90 Minutes of Heaven

“Donna got me in last minute because I was here with a relative who is getting surgery at the Cleveland Clinic and I had sat in a hospital chair all night.  To say the least, I was extremely sore and stiff all over and Donna’s massage had me moving and feeling 1000% better!  I truly get the name of her business now.  She does have heavenly healing hands to be sure. ”  Sandra W.; March 2022 

“My hubby and I came from Canada for a few days to relax and unwind and we booked a couple massage with Donna and were blown away.  Not only did she make us feel so very welcome and at home but she was professional and took the time to give us tips for pain relief at home.  She provided us with ice water and premium chocolates and her office immediately made us feel relaxed.  We both enjoyed her massage and it was was a cut above most other massages we have had before.  I particularly enjoyed such a thorough foot massage.  That was very welcome since I work on my feet 6 days a week.  Overall, Donna really helped to kick off our ;time together in a great way!”  Angela R.; March 2022 – Couple massage


“Ok so I stand corrected.  When I first booked our couple massage, I have to admit I had an attitude about wearing a mask when face up and I did not like us being in separate rooms.  I mean I get it but I am just over all this covid crap!  But, let me tell you , we thoroughly enjoyed our couple massage and you really are in rooms right by each other.  Get off the table and look around the corner; I get it now.  And Donna insists on leaving that middle door between the rooms open.  Something about it is better with the air purifiers but actually that allows you to talk with your partner even though you are in separate rooms! We have been to other places but we felt truly pampered here.  And since hubby likes a little bit more pressure, Donna definitely delivers that.  He said he never felt better following a massage.  Overall, a great experience.”  DeBella J.; Nov. 2021

“I brought my son in who plays soccer.  I didn’t really know what to expect but Donna made us feel right at home.  My son is 14 so she allowed me to be present as she worked on him.  She not only helped him with his injury, but she explained what she was doing and why and gave recommendations for foam rolling and stretching he could do on a daily basis.  We will definitely be back.”  Melissa H.; Oct. 2021

“I so appreciate Donna and her efforts to keep us clients safe.  I live with a family member who is immune compromised and I was afraid all this time to get massage.  But after so much back pain I had no choice but to seek out massage help.  I definitely see why this place gets such wonderful reviews.  Aside from the 2 air purifiers, Donna actually got rid of this  nagging back pain and I have to say – I have not felt this relaxed since the beginning of this pandemic!”  Andrea B.; Oct. 2021

“I came here to deal with some chronic stress and nagging aches and pain and came out feeling like I have a whole new body.  I nailed it by coming here.  Thank God for Google.  Let’s just start with the room – OMG – just lovely and so calming.  Just laying a few minutes on the crazy warm table in this environment  was therapy enough.  But the massage – I have never experienced such a soothing session before.  Those healing hands and the stones and I have never had a therapist actually take time on my feet.  Incredible!  Way beyond what I was expecting.  Susan E.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – Nov. 2019

“I had given up on finding relief for this constant pain in my lower back but Donna, in one session, has made me a believer in getting massages.  I have done chiropractic and acupuncture and nothing has helped until now.  I am definitely taking her advice and coming back at least a couple more times to see what that looks like for me.  I mean, right now, I actually feel NO pain.  How is that even possible?  Oh, and I loved the room and the stones.  Not really HOT because she was holding them/using them.  LOL.  But loved everything. ”  Ed W.; Stressbuster Deluxe Therapeutic Massage (90 min) – Nov. 2019

“Donna did a wonderful job addressing my back pain, and I feel a lot better than when I walked in.  She asked me specific questions about what I needed, and I feel like she focused on those needs very well.”  John S. (Jessi – wife) – Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Oct. 2019

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our appointment.  Our massage therapists were very professional and welcoming.  We will definitely be returning soon.”  Eric/Channez D.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Oct. 2019

“Donna is the real deal.  Experiencing her deep tissue massage, to be honest, now makes me question every other massage I have gotten in the area.  She actually listened to what I said then customized my session to what I needed.  I could tell from watching her that she enjoys what she does and she definitely knows how to give a great massage.  She straight up got rid of my low back pain and I have never had that happen before.  The way she uses the stones in all kinds of ways is also new to me.  Most places like sitting stones everywhere on your body and they sort of work around them.  I love THIS way better!  I wish she offered a 3 hour massage! I am so glad I found her.”  Andy E.; Stressbuster Deluxe session (90 minutes) – May 2019

“Fantastic.  This was my first of many.  My husband and I are very pleased and highly recommend their services.  Thank you so much.”  Miracle B. (Cedric); Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – May 2019 (Therapists:  Adrian and Donna)

“I was about to give up on getting massage until I came here.  Every place I go they do this light massage and I feel relaxed but my low back/hip pain and neck issues remain.  But this place is different.  Donna knows what she is doing and she really gets in there where the pain is to give you relief.  I got up off that table feeling like someone gave me a brand new body!  And those stones!  I was a bit apprehensive at first – but I am sold.  I just did not know you can have deep work and not be laying there gritting your teeth!  I actually ENJOYED my session.  All of it.  I am booking a standing appointment…”  Jeff W.; Travelers Delight (90 min session) – April 2019

“The hot stones are amazing.  They helped relieve so much pressure and tension.  The massage area felt tranquil and peaceful.  Came out feeling zen.”  Justin J.; Stressbuster Couple Massage – Dec. 2018

“Paula was amazing! Every problem area was addressed and thoroughly worked on.  My number one spot for massages in Cleveland.”  Lauren R.; 90 Minutes of Heaven – Dec. 2018

“I came in with chronic back pain and plantar fascitis and I get to speak with my therapist about my trouble areas prior to the massage and left with no pain.”  Lindsey B.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Nov. 2018

“We did this massage as the beginning of our vacation.  It was wonderful! I am relaxed and feeling great.  My hubby loved loved it.  Thank you for a great start to our vacation.  The room and ambience was perfect!”  Mona R.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – Nov. 2018

“I came in for a sports massage and got so much more.  I never knew that hot stone therapy could be so helpful with muscle fatigue.  I am preparing for a half marathon and I needed deep work but not too deep.  You found all my trouble spots!  I got the perfect blend of sport therapy and soothing relaxation massage.  And thanks for the advice on stretches to do and foam rolling for after I train.  It is much appreciated.  You will be seeing a lot of me in the coming weeks.  Thanks Donna.”  Helen A.; Sports Bomb (75 min session) – April 2018

“Wow.  Hands down the best massage I have ever received.  I have traveled around the world and experienced many massages but Donna’s techniques and her use of the hot stones is AMAZING.  I literally felt like someone gave me a brand new body.  I like knowing I can keep working out and can come here to get relief from my constant back pain.  So glad to see that some businesses still over deliver!”  Jason K.; The Bomb Sports Massage – January 2018

“Heavenly Hands is a very comfortable place for healing and relaxation.”  Stephen C.; The Bomb Sports Massage – February 2018

“At 36 weeks – there’s a lot on your mind and a lot going on in your body! Paula melted all the stress and discomfort away, allowing me to clearly focus – with love, intention, and happiness – on the baby and the journey ahead.”  Nora G. – Heavenly Prenatal Massage – February 2018

“Thank you.  That was wonderful!  Glad to know about this place!”  Danielle E.; Heavenly Relaxation Massage – March 2018

“Truly one of the best massages I have ever gotten.  Paula was wonderful and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  The hot stones were unique and wonderful.  Can’t wait to book a massage here again.”  Cori S.; Heavenly Relaxation – March 2018

“The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing.  The hot stone therapy felt amazing and the women were very nice and accommodating.”  Thomas W.; Heavenly Stones Couple Massage – March 2018

Areas Served

We actually get clients from all around the United States but locally we serve the Beachwood, Solon, Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, University Heights, South Euclid, Richmond Heights, Mayfield Village, Mayfield Heights, Woodmere, Orange, Highland Heights, Chagrin Falls, Bedford, Bedford Heights, Warrensville Heights, Lyndhurst,  Mentor, Willowick, Wickliffe, Painesville, Chardon, Kirtland Hills, Chesterland, Mayfield, Eastlake, , Munson, Bratenahl, Grand River, Fairport Harbor, Euclid, Cleveland, Kirtland, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, Waite Hill, Timberlake, Mentor-on-the-Lake, Perry, Madison, Thompson, Richmond, Richmond Heights, Newberry, Munson,  Cleveland Heights, Lakewood,  Pepper Pike,  Moreland Hills, South Euclid and surrounding communities.

Out of Town Clients

About one half of our couples come from out of town.  We have served clients from all over the United States.  In addition, we have clients from all over the world.  The majority of clients who are world travelers comment that our massage session is one of the best they have ever experienced.

We are located about 5 minutes from all Beachwood, Ohio hotels.  We are also located about 18 minutes from downtown Cleveland, 15 minutes from Independence, and 25 minutes from the main airport.  If parking is full in the front of the building, you are welcome to park in the back and use the restaurant entrance into the building.  We are located less than 10 minutes from the best area shopping, restaurants and entertainment, including two of the area’s best casinos.

Come see us for the best of Cleveland Massage Therapy.  We have the best online reviews for a reason.