About Us

Welcome to our website!  Our office, Heavenly Healing Hands Massage Therapy, opened January of 2011.  We offer highly effective, spa-quality, massage therapy sessions in the heart of the Beachwood business district.

Type Sessions

We offer Swedish/relaxation, sports, deep tissue, and prenatal massage.  We also offer very unique couple massages.  We are unusual in that ALL of our sessions contain some level of hot stone therapy.  In fact, the hot stone therapy is the things that we get the most comments about from our clients.  They are usually blown away by the way we enhance our sessions with the warm, soothing stones!







Master Therapist and Owner

DonnaDonna Agrinsonis is licensed by the Medical Board of Ohio and she has a varied background.  She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the American Pregnancy Association.  She attended The National Institute of Massotherapy for almost two years.  She is one of the last therapists in the Ohio area who were required to have more than a year of training.  Before opening her own office, she worked in a couple chiropractic offices and she also headed up the massage services at the Canterbury Golf Club in Beachwood.  She also worked in several high-end spas and that is where she learned to truly appreciate the spa environment.

Donna has that rare combination of soothing and strong hands so she is able to give a highly-effective and therapeutic massage. Many clients fall asleep during their session but then emerge moving better and feeling like a brand new person. She does not believe in doing cute, fluffy massages because she feels that most clients don’t want to be “petted” but want real, effective bodywork so that is what she delivers.

One of the reasons she is so good at what she does is because she gets at least 2-3 massages per month herself so she knows what types of things work best and she has a better grasp of what things might feel awesome to her clients.  She is convinced that the reason so many other massage therapists do not offer better massages is because they do not get massages themselves….

Practicing What She Preaches

Donna has been getting massages for over 15 years.  In fact, her first massage she received because of a gift certificate to Spa Sydell in Atlanta, Georgia.  Even back then, she recalls thinking that she could see herself being a massage therapist one day.  But, she definitely believes in massage for stress and pain relief.  She gets worked on about 2-3 times per month and she sees massage therapy as a very necessary addition for her overall health and well-being.

The Business Name

Interestingly, the name of the business, was not something Donna chose herself. Rather, it resulted from a year of working on a lot of clients and clients continuing to tell her she had healing hands, a heavenly touch, a soothing touch, etc. After much thought and consideration, January 2011, she adopted the name officially for her business.


A Personal Message from Donna C. Agrinsonis, LMT

 The first time I received a massage was the result of a spa gift package that I received one year that I broke up into a series of massages. After the first massage I was TOTALLY  hooked and I can, to this day, recall thinking “I could do this. I would love to work in this type of environment and help people to feel better and get rid of their stress.”

I come from a background of over 20 years working in the professional office environment. Over 15 years were spent working in some of Atlanta, Georgia’s most prestigious law firms as a paralegal and legal secretary, which unfortunately brought extreme stress into my life. As a result, I experienced illness with no apparent cause, constant headaches and tension, and strained personal relationships. It was a regular exercise program along with regular massage visits that allowed me to manage stress in my life. When I had to make the decision about changing careers I immediately knew I wanted to be a massage therapist and help others to make massage a part of an overall good health plan.

I have a passion when it comes to the topic of health and illness prevention and so relaxation massage has become my forte’ and the service that I feel most of my clients need the most. As a result, even my deep tissue and sports massages have some elements of relaxation massage in them.

Additional Staff

 We currently have two therapists who assist with couple massage and who also do single sessions.  All of our therapists have to be seasoned and have a proven track record of doing excellent body work.  No newbies.  Currently, Right now we have one female and one male therapist who have worked with us over 6 years.  Together with Paula and Adrian both get crazy good client reviews on a consistent basis. 

 Massage Philosophy

 It is my belief that the human body is an awesome creation and that it has the inherent ability to heal itself. I believe that massage is one of the most powerful ways that we can speed up the healing process and that the body should be treated as a whole rather than dealt with in parts. This is why I always seek to integrate the whole body. If one part of a person’s body is tense then it could affect another part. If one part is in pain it will inevitably affect either a neighboring muscle or the opposite side of the body will overcompensate for it. So, I believe in first balancing the body and then dealing with specific pain issues as needed. This has worked very well for my clients.

Website Theme/Office Decor

This website has a tropical theme to remind people of the ocean.  The ocean to me represents peace, tranquility, and at times – stillness and restfulness. It is a place where you can go to think, to rest, relax and unwind. Just sitting on a beach, listening to the waves, the distant cry of seagulls, and the gentle whisper of the wind, just makes you want to take long deep breaths – in and out, just as the waves come on shore then go back out to sea again. It is just a little bit of heaven on earth.  You will find elements of the awesome, tropical environment in my office.  Everything from the seashells and starfish; the color on the walls; the basalt stones; the colors representing the sky, grass, and sand; and the fountain; are all elements geared toward helping clients to relax and imagine that they are getting their massage on the beach…